There are a few changes, but I’m sure you’ll recognize your old friends.
Workman Media LLC has taken over as publisher of Wally’s and Wimpy’s Football Digest, a name and brand that served its loyal fans for 27 years.
After a one year hiatus, we are happy to announce that Wally’s & Wimpy’s is not only expanding to a SPORTS Digest, but increasing its circulation from a 13-week seasonal publication to a year ‘round publication.
Once glance at the cover shows Wimpy’s gut told him he should finally upgrade to a smart phone, while Wally switched from his RAMBO desktop to a tablet for his technical analysis.
Though the warning label has been removed, still be warned the “reading material in this (Sports) Digest can be habit forming.”
You’ll get some of the same information, such as all the FBS football conferences, NFL scores and standings and West Virginia University and Marshall University features. But you’ll also find new items for W&W.
I’ve enjoyed working with Lightpoint Publishing’s Tim Northrup in several capacities for many of those 27 years, in writing and distribution. And I’m pleased to say, we go forward with his blessing.
“I’m pleased that Jim is bringing Wally’s & Wimpy’s back,” said Northrup, founder and publisher of Wally’s & Wimpy’s for 27 years. “Thousands of loyal fans and readers will be very happy to get their Wally’s & Wimpy’s fix again. And that makes me happy. Jim worked with me for many years, and I know he will do a fantastic job.”
Since announcing the Wally’s & Wimpy’s comeback on social media, the response from fans like you has been phenomenal. We are expecting several more great additions to this publication, so stay tuned for many additional announcements soon. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more content throughout the week.
THANK YOU must go out to our sponsors! Without them, Wally’s & Wimpy’s wouldn’t exist. So please, let our sponsors know you appreciate them by patronizing their businesses. While you’re at it, why not buy a friend a cup of coffee too?
THANK YOU for your great support thus far. We’re counting on you – the fans- again, as we strive to give you a great, West Virginia-owned and operated sports publication.
Til’ next time…